Lebron James?

Last night on ESPN, LeBron James announced his decision as to which team he has decided to play with and hopes to earn a championship. He announced’ I’m going to take my talents to South Beach and I’m going to the Miami Heat. I feel like this is going to be the greatest opportunity to win and not only this season but in multiple years. ‘

Why all the hate for a player who some feel may be better than the great Michael Jordan? Partly because of his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, essentially his hometown team, for the glamor of the Miami Heat and partially because of the manner in which he made that choice. In the summer of 2010 Lebron James told the world that he would announce his choice of team on a live ESPN TV special ?The Decision?. More lebron james information: article continued here.

Pat Riley, President of the Miami Heat, convinced Dwayne Wade to stay with the Heat and added Chris Bosh and LeBron James to the roll. So the only question left is, Heat jersey anyone? Can we expect the current coach Erik Spoelstra, to do the same? Let’s hope so, for according to LeBron, it isn’t about the money,’ All three of us are going to take less money, because we wished to play alongside each other.. It’s not about getting the max deal. If it was I would have stayed in Cleveland. ‘

Let’s Go Further

The new Miami Heat triple threat have already felt victory with the gold medal USA basketball team in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing for which LeBron said was a great factor in the decision. So while the fans in Miami and South Florida in general, are dancing in the streets and asking for LeBron James Heat jerseys, some more than disappointed ex-fans in Cleveland are burning theirs. LeBron at the age of eighteen, was the No. 1 pick in the 2003 NBA draft and was chosen by the Cavaliers after they won the draft lottery.

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